Youth Counseling

Counseling for infants, children and teens.


Mommy and Me

Parent Education: 

Topics include:

Parenting an Anxious Child

Infant Mental Health

Positive Parenting with a Plan

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The Knights of The Round Table:

Teen Job Skills

​Many teens and young adults have difficulty obtaining and holding a job. We are seeing they have anxiety, poor self talk and at times poor social skills.  We will be providing a program that is two part. One hour a week they will attend a group to obtain coping skills and work skills. The 2nd part they will apply the skills in a work environment at the Toy Store. 

Yoga Class

Mental Health Fitness

Research shows fitness improves our mental health. Sometimes we want a partner, a place to be accountable or a place that understands mental health.



Trauma Sensitive Yoga (currently running)


and more

Classes will be at the:

TKTC Health and Wellness Center at

1421 South 12th St.   ​


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Image by Anna Pelzer

Food for Mood Class

Food impacts our mood but its hard to make those changes.  We provide education, ways to cope with the lifestyle change, and tricks to get the kids to make the changes too. 

Image by Hannah Rodrigo

The Toy Kingdom

A store of gently used toys. Donations are welcome at The Kid's Therapy Center. Please call before bringing a donation. 701.751.0384

Watch for the grand opening!